Brittney Griner..?
- WNBA basketball player..??
- We are told He's a "Woman"..??
- A man with a "Girls Name".?
- Propped up as a woman by all news stations in America..???
- Joe Biden traded a Russian Terrorist back to Russia, for a Man who thinks hes a woman,
who kneels during the national anthem before playing on a woman's basket ball team, instead of getting back a Marine that served our country and loves our country.?
For Real...??
Talk about putting our
country to SHAME...!

Ketanji Jackson Brown was
asked "What is a Woman?",
and she could not answer.?
And you elect her as a
Supreme Court Judge.???

- It would be interesting to ask Jackson if she considers herself a woman...

- Does this woman not know that she is a woman or what a woman is.??

- She is a woman that denies knowing what a woman is...? LoL....

- How ironic that Jackson cannot define what a woman is when it was a specific qualification for her being nominated...

- All of the sudden no one can define what a woman is.? I think this FACT alone has the potential to end our country as we know it...

- If you asked Jackson the question if she considers herself a woman and she said yes, then how would she have come to that conclusion if she can't define what a woman is.???

- Hey Joe, a woman is what little girls grow into and you lose interest.

- I had it figures out by 3 years old...

- Jackson can't even define the basics of something so elementary, so she answers with something like that.? I'm sorry but this means she is no longer a judge but an activist and there should be no place for her on the bench anywhere, let alone on the Supreme Court of thee United States. Judges are spose to be impartial, and activists are anything but.....

- If the Biden administration can't define what a woman is, then why is it so important to nominate a woman to the supreme court or anywhere else in government.? Why would we celebrate Womens month.? First woman this, first woman that.???

- Any adult who is unable to define a simple term like man or woman is obviously incapable of functioning in any role with responsibility, thus should be disqualified from holding political office....

- Our federal government creates programs for women, and then professes not to know what a woman is.? This is the best argument ive seen yet for minimizing the role of federal government with women in our society...

- Can't make this stuff up.. LoL. We and every other species of mammals have know what a woman is since the beginning of Time....

- I found out beyond a shadow of a doubt what a woman is in the back seat of my '69 Chevy...

- Ive been married for 35 years. We have children and grandchildren. Our marriage works because i treat my wife like a WOMAN should be treated. Thats with honor and respect... If you can't define what a woman is, then how can you respect them..?

- If the Biden Administration is unable to determine what a woman is, how were they able to pick one for the Supreme Court vacancy when that was a qualification.???

- Joe Biden voted for his political future. His future comes first. Supreme Court Justices should not be picked because of their skin color or gender but on their qualifications...

- If TailBiden and Co. cannot define what a woman is, then Roe V. Wade doesn't matter and can be overturned....???

- If OBiDen cannot define what a woman is, then how can they advocate for womans rights.?? If she can't define what a woman is, and if men are able to become "women", then what is the point for Feminism.? This just proves that the REAL FEMiNiSM DiED when real women got their voting rights as well as all the other rights that we men had....

- Black's Law Dictionary defines a woman as an adult female of the human species which is the definition used in courts. You'd think a candidate would know this becuase this dictionary is used in every law school in the United States...

- I wonder if she can define black? That was her only other qualification. Being a woman was just a plus...

- Justice Clarence Thomas was confirmed to the court regardless of his race. Ketanji was confirmed because of her race...

- Fortunately, this does NOT change the balance in court. She is still just one vote. Same as the vote she is replacing...

Welcome to
2023 MoFo's!!
Savage Rhymes has decided to support
"Real Women's Rights"...
It's gone to far!... Guys dressed as girls, invading women's sports, pageants, entertainment, our children, our bathrooms, schools, libraries, the White House and every aspect of American life...
It's "PURE MADNESS" and we've had enough.!!!

- I Don't really want to waste time talking about this subject, but as a result of watching girls have to compete against guys dressed as girls in sports, and it being broadcasted on T.V. as "NORMAL",
were now going to talk about it.
- It's time to start talking about "Real Women's" rights being taken away by men dressed as women on a national level, because no one else is really talking about it, putting up for or doing anything for "Real Women's" sports. I'm surprised that women as a whole don't seem to be upset considering all the screaming of "our body, our choice", women's sufferage and so on.
I wonder , is it because " Real Women"and "Real Men", are scared of being killed by a gang of drag queens, or having your name and reputation ruined by "the news", so you don't or won't support women's rights? But how can you not?
How can you not support women's rights?
It's kind of like talking about fentanyl and Heroin killing our kids, and the mexican cartels.. Are we scared to stop drugs from coming across the border, becuase someone may get killed by the "Mexican Cartels".? So SCARED, that we do nothing about it?
No for real.... Let's Keep it Real..... Shall we....
If you don't have the balls to talk about this subject when it's being forced infront of our faces and families, then your no better than the sissy ass dude who feels good about winning a trophy by beating girls...
- By us, you and me, not engaging in the subject and issue of womens rights being taken away in sports, we're actually compounding the problem....
Look at what's happening to womens sports in America right now. "Real Women" are being insulted on the highest levels, for having to pretend and compete against a guys who think they are girls.. Men "WiNNiNG?", by pretending to be women in sports.? And "Real Women" can't stop it or else they be deemed intolerant or called homophobic??? It's the perfect play by Trans men to retain power and finally defeat radical feminism. Women have fought hard to get recognition in sports, for their thoughts and feelings. Feminists claim men have abused, disrespected, and have not taken women seriously for over a century. And so all the sudden, again, Trans men are basically cancelling women out by making a mockery out of being a female by dominating women's sports. And the silence from "Feminists" is shocking. They are no where to be found...? They seem to be "sell outs", who could care less about "Real Women", or they would be out in force, you know like they are in pro abortion protests.... It's quite obvios now, that "Feminism is nothing more than a pure political movement"..
- "Real Women" need to quit competing in sports, pageants and all other competitions "THEY" are allowing MEN to compete in against women.
Question ...
"Who is THEY?"..
Who is allowing men to steal trophys away from "Real Women" in womens sports?
Joe Biden? The Congress of U.S.?. The Senate.?
The National Sports Organization? Who..?
Who is in charge of allowing men dressed as women to compete against women..?????????? Who???
I feel bad for young women trying to succeed in athletics, beauty pageants, ect.. All Women should be screaming "enough is enough"... But they aren't..???
Because your scared??
Or maybe it doesn't support a political
narrative for liberal women??
Now all the sudden, they "CAN" define
what a woman is? A Man is a Woman...????
We must destroy this notion.
Remember XX=Female. XY=MALE.
America has some serious issues right now and this one definitely takes a piece of the cake. Actually it's pie. It only identifies as cake..?? LoL. But for real, the U.S. has become the laughing stock of the world.
It's not cool to try and trick society into thinking it's normal for a guy dressed as a girl to compete
against "REAL GIRLS" in sports and in life and then broadcast it to the public through the television as "NORMAL"..??? FOR REAL..???

- Questions.
Why would a "Real Girl" want to compete against a man dressed as a "WO-MAN" when you know that genetically, they are "usually" stronger and faster than you??? Why would you even come to the swimming, tennis, track meet or basket ball game if it's not a "Real Girls" competition.
would you as a girl, come to a game when you knew the competition isn't a level playing field.
Maybe your so humble, that you don't mind competing against a guy dressed as a woman.?
- Question;
How can you call it women's sports if the man wins??
How does that gain you the trophy for best girl in your competition field, if your competing against a guy and lose.??
You don't get a trophy because you lost to a guy??
So what's the point of "GiRLS SPORTS" then??
you don't mind being humiliated for having to pretend your competition is a girl,
when actually its a guy.
Will the "Real Women" on planet earth
keep allowing trans men to think they are teaching you a lesson.??
" First it's a mans world, second it's a man pretending to be a woman's world".
That men are more talented and beautiful than women.??
- Do biological men now "SPEAK" for women?
- Question.
is there such thing as a "girls competition" in sports anymore?. Or has hoping to win the girls sports championship become a lost cause because of men dressed as women. ???

- The reality is the trans and alphabets are mentally ill and have lost their grip on reality living in a demential fantasy land they make up in their heads..
No one should be listening to or supporting them. That will only empower their mental illness.
How can we accept them for who they are, when they can't accept themselves for who they are. Sick caricatures of their perverted idea of what a woman is while trying to normalize mental illness. They need psychological therapy.Transgenderism is a mental, not a physical issue. And we are spose to believe it's us that have the problem? Not..!!!!!!
We now have public school teachers trying to make little boys into girls. I like the phrase "detached from reality".. Because every single transgender person is, the definition of detached from reality. It's why gender dysphoria has long been considered a mental illness. Trans men acting as women constantly asking themselves "what would a "Real Woman" say, do, think, or feel"? Celebrating mental illness is damaging to our society...If you "feel different" it may be a sign of a MUCH bigger problem.
If your convinced that gender is something a person can choose, then you can be made to believe literally anything...
We normal folks may tolerate your delusion but we don't have to accept it.
In retrospect, the term "Gender Equality" has become concerning... If we don't stop here and think for a bit, who's to say a person couldn't identify as a sunflower, a golden eagle, or a dolphin. Where is the line drawn for fairy tales?
Every "Real Woman" should be outraged at what is happening to the beauty of their femininity by the transgender movement. A man saying he's a woman is not a woman and distracts from the real beauty of what and who a "Real Woman" is both inside and out. I can't believe that women are just standing back and allowing men to hijack their gender. There is a difference between acceptance and approval. When you demand both, but are unwilling to give the same to other groups, that's called disrespect. Everyone has a right to live as they choose, but you don't have a right to constantly undermine women.
Trying to Force people to change their mindset to believe a guy in a dress is normal, does not get you acceptance. Untill they learn to respect normal people for being normal, we should not have to accept their difference. It's interesting to see organizations using the "We are committed to inclusion"as a defense, but they do not realize that the opinions of nonbelievers of that agenda, should be respected as well. What's there to be proud of anyways. It's not like being GAY is an accomplishment. Heterosexuals don't force homo-sexuals to participate in activities promoting being straight, so what's the problem? It's come to the point where if you don't publicly show support for LGBT lifestyle then you are a "BAD PERSON"...?
- Dude, your still a dude..
Fact: And always will be.
No matter what you've done to disguise it.
You can pretend all you want, but
one does not simply "become " a woman. When a man puts on a dress, he is still a man. When a man acts like a woman, he is still a man..A man can have all the money in the world, try to buy their way into being a woman, change body parts, dress up like a woman to your hearts content but in the end it doesn't change the lie, that your really just a messed up man who is fooling yourself dressed up in a disguise. Just because your behavior makes you feel better doesn't mean we have to approve of or accept it...Untill we embrace what the lie is, "a genuine mental disorder, then it will never be addressed as needing serious mental health attention.

- Question;
Why do the mentally ill continue to be promoted,
instead of given help? Mental illness should be treated, not displayed as a freak show...

- It's hilarious when trans-men try to "Mansplain" what it means to be a woman to actual women....
It's like women aren't even beautiful enough anymore. Men dressed as women trying to take over every role that a "Real Woman" thought she knew how to do well... It's the continued psychosis of transgenders thinking they are something they are not.. It's a mental illness and they need to seek help. Fostering the delusion that a man can be a woman "is the problem". Just because your behavior makes you feel better doesn't mean we have to approve of it..

A sickness that makes coronovirus look like a fake cold.. A disease that if not stopped, will spread to the brains of and brainwash every person in America...

- The Progressive war on science is a futile and repulsive one. And the war on women continues.
Being done right in front of and with participation of women. What boggles my mind is why a guy would want to throw on a dress and jump into this war..When you put the mentally ill, mentally disturbed or perverted in charge, the end result will always be broken, twisted and destroyed...

- DNA does not lie.
DNA does not cheat.

Did you hear next year a Golden Retriever will be allowed to compete in the Miss Universe Competition. Yep, a "Trans Golden Retriever"...
- Did you know that Donald Trump sold the Miss Universe contest and organization to a dragqueen from Thailand. You may say what's the big deal. A celebration of women poisoned by an owner that is a man posing as a woman. But unfortunately it's a sad day for qualified "Real Women" who would like to win the contest pageant.
It is not "FEMALE EMPOWERMENT" when the first "woman" to own the Miss Universe pageant organization was born a MAN, which will lead to poor measures of ideal womanhood...
Very soon television viewers will not be guessing who will win the Miss Universe pageant but rather if the winner is a man or a woman. Will there be a warning label prior to broadcasting that some contestants will be carrying a small package?
Will future contestants be judged by the bulge in their bikini and how will they judge it? Will having a bulge add points, or deduct points? If you can see an adams apple, there's probably going to be a banana. Will the judges call 911 if they spot a suspicious package..?
How could it be called Miss Universe when they select a man winner?
Will we next be made to believe that hairy chests are normal for women in beauty pageants??
It will be like declairing a football team won the Womens World Series Champs....???

- I remember when sports was about competition!
It wasn't long ago. All women lose again. I can now see that the men are definitely still in control of women.

- The real loser in Trans World is the unattractive females. I would date an ugly girl in the past. I don't feel i am any better than her. Now i don't know if an ugly girl is a man or not anymore. So i don't even waste my time talking to her..

- Being a "Real Man", i prefer women that are not "Mentally ill Men"...

- A dude in a dress "is",
every liberal man's dream date.

- First Rule of Transclub;
make your discomfort,
the discomfort of thousands.
The alphabet community wants to invade every traditional space in western society. To destroy it and the family within...

- I'm the best pop up toaster in the world because i said so. Even if i was born a blender...?

- My gas stove has declared itself as a trans electric...

- It doesn't matter what any of the Alphabet Soup Say. 10,000 years from now when archeologists find their remains, they will be classified either as male or female...

- Everyone noticing that every year, a new extreme social awareness theme is universally pushed by corporations, media outlets and the government?

- The truly confused ones, few and far between by comparison, are women who undergo surgery and hormone therapy to achieve some degree of a five o'clock shadow by which to claim their "DUDE CARD"...

- "HATE SPEECH"...???

- Hate is a natural normal human behavior.

- How can it be wrong to HATE someone or a group of people, if they are trying to bring you, your family or your friends down by ruining their lives..???

- Free Speech. Like it or Not. It's constitutional.

- Free Speech includes "Hate Speech".
Like it or not...

- You have a right to be angry.
But you don't have a right to insite violence against others.

- Why has so called "HATE SPEECH" become an exception to the rules of the first amendment for the LGTB comunity and where is it outlined in the constitution that you are not allowed to dislike a person, an organization, or an idea?

- "Hate Speech" is simply a left wing invention for trying to silence people who say anything they disagree with.

- Silencing the political opposition is the objective and it's all being done under the false premise of "protecting people" from misinformation...

- We already have laws against inciting a riot, threats of violence against each other, slander, ect...